Russia Has a Drone That Carries a Shotgun Just For Shooting Down Other Drones

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This isn’t the first time Russia created an anti-drone drone. The Carnivora drone, which they released in late 2018, can shoot nets at other drones and can carry explosive devices to shoot at other flying objects.

While this drone is currently just in its test phase, you can bet that Russia is working diligently on creating new, interesting ways to beat drones with other drones. 

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California Police Using Drones to Film Crime Scenes

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Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

The police chief argues this is not how the drones are used.

“We have worked really hard to make sure that we have policies in place that address those issues,” she said. “We don’t do random patrol with our drones. They’re not utilized that way at all. They are not for surveillance.” 

Other residents are curious about whether the footage is available to the public. 

The Future of the Program

Chula Vista has the lowest staffed police department in San Diego County. The goal that the police chief has for the program is to get a drone to a scene of a crime within 2 minutes of a call for it. 

And the police department will continue to work closely with the FAA. 

“We’re getting feedback from them (the FAA) as to what they need to have confidence in our systems,” said Captain Vern Sallee.

Last month, the FAA granted Chula Vista the first “line of sight” exception for emergency response.

Chula Vista plans to use it. 

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