How to Edit Drone Photos the Easy Way

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Skylum released AirMagic earlier this month, and it is specifically designed for enhancing aerial photos – and doing so quickly.

In the video above, Jim Nix demonstrates just how simple it is to take your drone photos from so-so to beautiful. Below, I’ve highlighted a few critical features that make AirMagic a must-have for drone photographers.

What Exactly is AirMagic?

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 If you’re ready to edit drone photos the easy way, you can pick up a copy of AirMagic for $39.00.

In addition to being affordable, a single AirMagic license will work on two computers, even if one is a Mac and the other is a PC.

Skylum is also offering the AirMagic Creative Edition for $41.00 right now, which includes the two licenses as well as the AirMagic Premium Style (you can also buy more styles from the AirMagic Marketplace).

If you’re a professional drone pilot and have a drone business, Skylum has thought of you as well. AirMagic Business is $89.00, and that gets you five licenses.

So, AirMagic is easy to use, fast, and affordable. What’s not to like about that?

Russia Has a Drone That Carries a Shotgun Just For Shooting Down Other Drones

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Editor’s Tip: Do you have beautiful photos but aren’t sure how to display them? Turn them into large format prints! See what your photos look like as fine art.

This isn’t the first time Russia created an anti-drone drone. The Carnivora drone, which they released in late 2018, can shoot nets at other drones and can carry explosive devices to shoot at other flying objects.

While this drone is currently just in its test phase, you can bet that Russia is working diligently on creating new, interesting ways to beat drones with other drones. 

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Beautiful Drone Footage of Wintery Saudi Arabian Wonderland Unveiled

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Editor’s Tip: Step up your post-processing game with AI-powered editing tools. Try Luminar for free.

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Tornado Footage Captured by a Drone Chasing It

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Yesterday, Brandon Clement, a storm chaser from WxChasing, not only filmed a tornado roaring across the prairie near Sulphur, Oklahoma, but he also chased it with his 4K camera drone (and did a masterful job of piloting the drone in adverse conditions, I might add).

The video above is the result of his efforts, and I have to say, it brings back all the feels of watching Twister for the first time back in the day.

It’s less than four minutes long, but it’s packed with excitement (all in 4K too!) that’s well worth a few minutes of your life.

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