The Best Camera Strap for Mirrorless Cameras

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The metal hardware on this strap is worth mentioning, too.

Holdfast founder Matt Swaggart designed the metal hardware himself, giving it a custom look and feel. The hardware is stainless steel, too, so it won’t rust.

In other words, this is a strap that will look great, function even better, and give you the utmost in comfort for years and years and years to come. 

If you want the best camera strap for mirrorless cameras, look no further than the Holdfast MoneyMaker Solo!

Holdfast MoneyMaker Solo images by Brandon Burk

Camera Sliders 101

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As explained in the video above by ZY Productions, there are two types of sliders: friction sliders and bearing sliders.

Friction sliders have a metal carriage that slides along a track. The carriage is basically a metal chunk with two holes drilled through it lengthwise to accommodate the slider track (shown below). Typically, there are plastic bushings to help “grease the wheels,” so to speak, and allows the metal carriage to glide along the track with greater ease.

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Using a camera slider is straightforward, yet the results you get are beautifully cinematic.

In the video above, Austin Newman shares how he uses a slider to create more dynamic footage.

You can see how the setup is simple – a slider and a camera with a lens attached. Just set up the slider where you want, fire up your camera, and you’re ready to capture footage.

how to use a camera slider image YouTube Screenshot/Austin Newman

As Austin explains, there are numerous advantages of using a slider:

You can reveal a scene by sliding the camera out from behind an object. You can create movement by sliding along a path, like following the footsteps of a subject in the shot You can mount some sliders to a tripod to create elevated movement that gives your footage a different look.

As noted earlier, some sliders, like the Syrp Magic Carpet Short Slider that Austin uses, can be used with motion control devices for delightfully smooth motion.

The point here is that a camera slider is a must-have if you want to create truly cinematic footage.

Based on my personal experience with sliders, I can attest to the fact that bearing sliders, and in particular, the Syrp Magic Carpet, are the best choice you can make when investing in this type of gear.

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Compact Camera Comparison: Canon Powershot G9 X Mark II vs Panasonic DMC-LX100

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The wide aperture 28-84mm f/2.0-2.9 zoom lens means you can take photos in low light situations without boosting the ISO. Shooting at a wide aperture like this also enables you to create nice background blur that helps set portrait subjects apart from the rest of the image.

Other features of note in the G9 are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC, an ISO range of 125-12800 and a 3-inch fixed touchscreen LCD.

Get a full hands-on look at this camera in the video above by Backpacking Videos. 

Panasonic DMC-LX100 Overview 

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Unlike the Canon, the Panasonic has a viewfinder, and an electronic one at that. With 2.764-million-dots of resolution, the viewfinder affords you another level of control when composing your images.

Other features of note in the LX100 include 11 fps burst shooting, an ISO range of 200-25600, an optical image stabilization system, and a fixed 3-inch LCD.

See a detailed review of the Panasonic LX100 in the video above by Adam Savage’s Tested.

Canon Powershot G9 X Mark II vs Panasonic DMC-LX100

canon powershot g9 x ii sensor image  

The Panasonic has a larger sensor, better features for action photography, better ISO performance, and a beautiful electronic viewfinder. Those things alone are enough for me to spend another $120.00.

However, when it comes to image quality, build quality, features, and lens performance, these cameras are very evenly matched. That makes the Canon an excellent choice as well.

In that case, it will likely come down to feel. Get your hands on both cameras, test them out, see how they fit in your hand, and examine their features, controls, and so forth. Sometimes how a camera works and feels can be the deciding factor.

Need a New Camera Bag for Landscape Photography? This is the One You Should Buy

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In other words, this bag ticks all the boxes for landscape photographers like me.

It’s comfortable, functional, easy to pack, and weather-resistant. It holds tons of gear, is customizable to fit your specific needs, and it’s beautifully constructed for long-lasting durability.

If you ask me, that combination of features makes the Holdfast Sightseer Backpack a top choice for any landscape photographer.

All images of the Holdfast Sightseer Backpack are by Brandon Burk.

Camera Swagg Around the Corner!

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As I mentioned before, I don’t need a two or three camera harness, so I don’t need to invest in the full Camera Swagg setup.

But if Holdfast comes out with a Camera Swagg Solo, I’ll be picking one up in a flash.

Again, I’ve enjoyed my Peak Design Slide strap, and as I mentioned before, it’s been to Norway, Russia, Turkey, and various points in between in its life.

But the MoneyMaker Solo is such a fantastic strap with an impeccable design and incredible functionality, that if the Camera Swagg Solo ever comes out, it’ll be bye-bye Peak Design and hello Camera Swagg Solo! 

So, what do you say, Holdfast? Can we get a Camera Swagg solo going?!?


Best Camera Stores: 15 Best Places to Buy a Camera

15 Best Places to Buy a Camera image

Austin, Texas-based Precision Camera & Video is yet another regional camera store that has deep roots locally, but a wide net thanks to a robust online store.

Specializing in both new and used equipment, Precision Camera likely has just what you’re looking for no matter your budget.

In addition to selling photo gear, they also have rental and repair services, an on-site photo lab, and they offer educational courses for folks that live in the Austin area.

Interestingly, Precision camera uses their classroom space as a studio as well, so if you’re in Austin and need a studio, Precision can accommodate!

If you’re not in Texas, you benefit from not having to pay sales tax, and with free ground shipping on orders of more than $200, you can end up saving a pretty penny.