Sony’s World Photography Contest Shortlist Announced and We Can All Learn Something From Them

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“Inner Atlas” from the series “Inner Atlas” by Trent Mitchell, Australia, Shortlist, Professional, Sport (Professional Competition), 2019 Sony World Photography Awards. “Regarded as an art form, the sport of bodysurfing is one of the most primitive forms of wave riding. Historically celebrated for performances above the water surface, I felt intrigued to explore the rider’s interaction with the power of the sea from an immersive perspective below. What does it feel like to be there, moving at the perfect speed, intimately connecting with the dynamics of the sea? To ride the formless edge between fear and joy in a single breath? I discovered a physical and emotive space where man, movement and energy fuse during a journey of self-discovery and inner harmony.”

The official winners of the Sony World Photography contest will be announced out of the shortlist on April 17th. 

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Adorama Steps Up for Kenya, Part 5 – Kenyan Wildlife

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 In the final installment of the series, shown above, the focus shifts from the people of Kenya to the incredible wildlife found there.

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YouTube Screenshot/AdoramaTV

One tip that Erin shares is to approach wildlife photography with more of a film mentality. That is, don’t fire off dozens of photos simply because you can. Instead, focus your attention on being patient and waiting for the very best shots to take.

Check out the full video above to see the beauty and magic of Kenya and its wildlife through Erin’s lens.

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Filmmaking With the Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7

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Make no mistake, the Z7 is a still camera with video capabilities. As noted in the previous section, it has a lot of features to help you capture excellent video. However, the Z7 is not intended to be a go-to camera for video footage. That distinction goes to the Z6.

Nikon Z6 Video Capabilities


Despite these minor issues, the Z6 is a very, very good camera for filmmaking – perhaps one of the best on the market right now. Get more details on this camera in the video above by AdoramaTV.

When comparing the Z6 to the Z7 for video purposes, the Z6 is a clear winner. If video is the most important factor when you buy a new camera, the Nikon Z6 video specs make it a prime choice.

And since the Z6 is $2,000.00 (body only), it’s far cheaper than its big brother, which comes in at $3,400.00 for the body only.

You can learn more about the Z6’s other features in my Nikon Z6 review.

Which Canon 50mm Lens is the Best?

Which Canon 50mm Lens is the Best image

This newer lens has a Stepping Motor (thus the acronym STM) that Canon claims is nearly silent when focusing. Anyone that’s used this lens, however, will tell you that though it is less noisy than the motor in the f/1.8 II, it’s nowhere near silent. Unless you shoot a lot of video, that feature is probably fairly meaningless.

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Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II vs Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM  

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Since they’re so evenly matched in terms of features and performance, the answer to the question, Which Canon 50mm lens is the best?” likely comes down to your personal preference. 

Some photographers prefer the old-school feel of the f/1.8 II and its rock-bottom price. Others like the more modern version with its 7 aperture blades and metal mount. Either way, both of these lenses are a steal and would make a great addition to your camera bag.

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The UPS Worker Who Takes Photos With Each Pup on His Daily Route

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If Jay is “a very easily entertained UPS driver,” as he claims on his Instagram then we are “very easily entertained dog lovers.” 

All photos by Jay Hardesty and used with permission.

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 Via Buzzfeed 

Myths About Photography Insurance, Debunked

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Photo by Maria Agudo López on Unsplash

Gone are the days when you have to go to your local insurance agent and sit in their office all afternoon hashing out the details of your policy.

Also gone are the days when you have to field phone call after phone call from a far-off insurance representative to get more information about a policy in which you are interested. 

Instead, you can quickly and easily get an online quote for insurance in a matter of seconds. If you like what you see, you can buy the policy right then and there.

It’s literally a process that will take a handful of minutes from start to finish, yet it’s a process that can end up saving your business if disaster strikes!

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Jared Polin – FroKnowsPhoto Genius

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However, when you break down his videos and really drill down to what he’s doing, what he’s saying, and how he goes about those things, you begin to realize just how brilliant this guy and his team are.

He delivers shock value – he’s not afraid to cover topics that others won’t – and he says what’s on his mind.

Like many great comedians, he has this Jedi-like force of using humor, wit, and sarcasm to reel you in. In other words, if you initially didn’t like his channel, with every video you watch, you creep closer and closer to hitting that like or subscribe button.

froknowsphoto image

What’s funny is that as I’m typing this out, this character paradigm shift reminds me of an interview I had with Jay Leno with my last company.

Growing up, I had an opinion of the kind of person Jay was, and based on that opinion, created this avatar of him.

Just prior to my interview with Jay, he gave me a tour of his warehouses that store his motorcycles and amazing collection of cars and steam engines (yes steam engines, he collects them).

During this personal tour, I saw a completely different side to this guy that totally changed my view of him. It’s not that I had a poor view of him before, but after meeting him, I realized my avatar for him was a bit off.

jared polin 3 image

Jared was talking about Fuji going full frame and Sony releasing the A7s III with some pretty awesome specs. I was getting ready to reach out to our editors to make sure we had something on our editorial calendar to cover this news when I found out it was an April fools clip.

Well played, Jared!

But that just speaks to his ability to engage with his audience in an authentic manner.

The guy knows his stuff and is able to communicate sometimes-boring details about cameras and lenses and other photography topics in a way that’s engaging and entertaining at the same time.

If you don’t know FroKnowsPhoto, I’ve put together a few details below to help you get acquainted.

Jared Polin Biography

jared polin biography image

It’s evident in the videos he publishes on YouTube that photography is Jared’s passion. From gear reviews to how-to videos to the latest photography news, his channel is rife with goodies for photography enthusiasts. What I appreciate is that he uses humor to make things light and interesting.

If you’re a casual YouTube watcher, the chances are good that you’ll recognize his signature “I Shoot Raw” t-shirt or his massive fro, even if you don’t know him by name.

He posts videos most days of the week, too, so there’s always something new and informative from FroKnowsPhoto. And, as I said above, the guy is a genius. If you find his videos offputting, just give it some time and keep watching. You won’t regret it!

Basic Night Photography Tutorial

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photo by MarsYu via iStock

Really, the linchpin is the shutter speed. But if you approach making adjustments one stop at a time, taking a sample shot and examining it, and making another incremental adjustment to the shutter speed, you will simplify the process and find the sweet spot where you get the best results.

So, grab your gear, head out tonight, and put your newfound night photography skills to the test!