Camera Swagg Around the Corner!

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As I mentioned before, I don’t need a two or three camera harness, so I don’t need to invest in the full Camera Swagg setup.

But if Holdfast comes out with a Camera Swagg Solo, I’ll be picking one up in a flash.

Again, I’ve enjoyed my Peak Design Slide strap, and as I mentioned before, it’s been to Norway, Russia, Turkey, and various points in between in its life.

But the MoneyMaker Solo is such a fantastic strap with an impeccable design and incredible functionality, that if the Camera Swagg Solo ever comes out, it’ll be bye-bye Peak Design and hello Camera Swagg Solo! 

So, what do you say, Holdfast? Can we get a Camera Swagg solo going?!?


SD Card Buying Guide: 11 Best of 2019

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Card Type: SDHC

Capacity: Up to 128GB

Read/Write Speed: Up to 80MB/s; 80MB/s

Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: Not for enthusiast or pro work

If you’re a casual photographer and need a new, larger, faster memory card, the SanDisk Ultra is worth a look.

With storage options up to 128GB, and with prices that are bargain basement, it’s hard to go wrong with these cards for expanding your capability of capturing and storing a ton of images.

Price: Starting at $6.40 at Adorama

SD Card Buying Guide: CF Card & MicroSD Card Options

If you’re in the market for a new CF card or MicroSD card, consider the following as excellent options:

SanDisk Extreme Pro 256GB CF Card – Great for stills, HD video, & 4K video with read/write speeds up to 160MB/150MB/s Transcend CompactFlash 800 Card – Great blend of storage (up to 256GB) and speed (120MB/s read and 60MB/s write) Samsung EVO Plus SDXC MicroSD Card – 10-year warranty, read-write speed of 100MB/30MB/s, and capacities up to 256GB Samsung PRO Endurance MicroSD Card – With up to 128GB of storage and read/write speeds up to 100MG/30MB/s, this is a great option for your smart device.

New Photos of Saturn’s Moon Puzzle NASA Scientists, Spark Rumors of Alien Life

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In the search for alien life and more hospitable planets and moons for the human race, Titan is one of the most promising places.

These newly-analyzed photos revealed that 40 percent of Titan’s circumference is an ice corridor and may be more hospitable for alien life than we ever believed before.

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 Via Forbes

Researchers (Ironically) Believe Phones Could Save People From Selfie Deaths

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Photo by henry perks on Unsplash

 While Kumaraguru doesn’t have any sway on the decisions Google Maps makes, he does want to make it easier for them to make the right one.

Kumaraguru, alongside his team at the university, created Saftie, an app that crowdsources user data on dangerous places.

While the researchers behind this proposal also mention counseling tourists via park rangers and wilderness medicine providers, Kumaraguru believes the issue of selfie deaths will never be fixed without the technology that gave us selfie deaths in the first place. 

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Behold, the First Picture of a Black Hole These Photos of Mars Could Make NASA Jealous

Via Reuters

You Can Take a Photo Tour of a Field Full of Giant President Heads

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If this doesn’t become a go-to spot for photographers in Virginia, there’s something wrong with the world.

Get a tour of the heads and see why this is such a fun photography idea in the video above by Adam Roffman.

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 Via Mother Nature Network

Nikon Z7 Landscape Photography Workhorse

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As I said before, my former landscape rig was a Nikon D850, which honestly is one of the best cameras I’ve ever owned.

But now that the Z7 has come along, at least for landscape photography, it has made the D850 look like a quaint old rig. The Z7 is simply that good.

It isn’t a camera for everyone, that’s for sure. But if you’re in the market for a new landscape-specific camera, I encourage you to give the Z7 a long, hard look.

Pick up a Nikon Z7 (body only) for $2,796.95 or get a Nikon Z7 with a 24-70mm f/4 S lens for $3,396.95.


Beware: Canon’s Newest Beginner-DSLR Won’t Work With Cheap Flashes

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Most DSLRs up to this point have a single metal pin in the hot shoe metal. You can think of this metal pin like a micro USB cable for phones, which ensures you can use your friend’s charger regardless of what type of phone you have.

This metal pin essentially ensures everyone can use any brand of flashes. 

Editor’s Tip: Starting a photography business? Save money and buy quality used gear. You can save hundreds if you buy a used camera and used lenses, and apply those savings to investing in other gear. Better still, a great way to watch your bottom line is to sell or trade in your old gear that you no longer use. Doing so minimizes how much gear you have to keep track of, and if you sell or trade in your gear, you have some spare money to put towards upgrading your kit. It’s a win-win!

But, in Canon’s new DSLRs, this pin no longer exists. This prevents major third-party flashes, like the very popular (and cheap!) options from Yongnuo, from being able to talk to your camera.

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We recently wrote about the Nikon D3300, which came out 5 years ago but is still a powerhouse for a beginning DSLR. It helps that it’s priced at just $499.99.

 The Nikon D3300 is equipped with a 24.4-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor. It also has an Expeed 4 processor and can craft 1080p Full HD videos, all while shooting up to 5 frames per second. 

Plus, it has a Guide Mode for beginning photographers which helps you to become acquainted with the camera and photography as a whole.

For more beginning-level DSLR options, check out our article on the best entry-level DSLR cameras of 2019. 

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Via PetaPixel

Travel Photography With the Nikon Z7

Travel Photography With the Nikon Z7 image

Is the Nikon Z7 a perfect camera for travel photography? No. Is it one of the best cameras for travel photography? Absolutely!

On the positive side, the camera handles well, is easy to use, and has a killer combination of fantastic sensor, fast and accurate autofocus, epic low-light performance, and ultra-sharp EVF and touchscreen LCD.

I found the battery life to be even better than what Nikon claims, so that was a happy bonus while having this rig with me on long days of shooting as I traveled.

On the downside, the Z7 isn’t as small or lightweight as other mirrorless cameras, which could be of concern for some travel photographers. 

Of greater concern is the point I mentioned just above – the Z7 takes too long to wake up, so you will inevitably miss some shots if it’s been off for awhile.

However, the benefits of this camera for travel photography far outweigh the detriments. If you’re looking to upgrade your kit with a capable, all-around camera for travel photography, this could be the one for you.

In fact, this camera isn’t limited to just this one type of photography. It’s great for landscapes, portraits, action photography – you name it!

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Why This Sony Ambassador Just Quit Photography for Good

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In this Facebook post, Habchy describes the incredulity he faced when he realized people were interested in seeing more of his work. Over time, this incredulity faded and photography became something Habchy had already conquered. 

He got bored. He’s not excited about photography anymore. We’ve all been there, but maybe not just at the top of our game.

Burning Man Craze

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 Many of the people who go to Burning Man are focused on sustainability efforts, artwork and the intersection of the two. 

what is burning man image

 As a result, his photos of Burning Man are child-like. 

burning man tickets image

Photo by Anne James on Unsplash

They reminded his 300,000 followers of their innate sexuality and freedom, which is why we will miss them so much.

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